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Merging Business with Golf

Founded as an exclusive and prestigious private club, CEO GOLF® connects like-minded and equal business-level people around the world in a relaxed setting. Our exclusive golf tournaments and networking platform brings together entrepreneurs with exclusive personalized services. Our sponsors and partners will welcome you in this exclusive atmosphere and give you a privileged access to discover and enjoy these renowned products. CEO GOLF® is more than a premier business title: we’re renowned for our “Inside the mind of the CEO” interviews. Explore perspectives on strategy, leadership, innovation, inspiration, and more from interviews with top CEOs, high-level executives, business leaders and state ambassadors. We highlights the achievements of the business leader and draws insights from the challenges they’ve faced during their career. The list of patrons within our global network range from leading stock market to global 2000 CEO's. In 2021, our founder (Ruald Strydom) was honored by President Joseph R. Biden Jr. (The 46th President of the United States) with the highest level of the President's Volunteer Service Award in the United States.

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